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Flattening the World

I rarely read blogs from peoples I do not personally know. I have some blogs which I visited every day (or at least, once every two day). But all are written from people I know.

It was until recently that I needs some information regarding Information Security Audit in Indonesia that I Googled around, searching for the topics in the Web. It was quite a pleasant surprise that I find a small number of blogs about IT Audit owned by fellow Indonesians. And it was even more surprising that the author replies some questions I asked to them—in such a short period of time. Note this: I gather the resource from a people I do not personally know and he replied a question from an unknown person (hey, that was me) based on his personal and professional experience.

The World is Flat? Indeed, it is becoming more and more flat. Indeed, the power of free peoples is flattening the world. Let’s go flattening the world even more.

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