Sunday, November 18, 2007

Flattening the World

I rarely read blogs from peoples I do not personally know. I have some blogs which I visited every day (or at least, once every two day). But all are written from people I know.

It was until recently that I needs some information regarding Information Security Audit in Indonesia that I Googled around, searching for the topics in the Web. It was quite a pleasant surprise that I find a small number of blogs about IT Audit owned by fellow Indonesians. And it was even more surprising that the author replies some questions I asked to them—in such a short period of time. Note this: I gather the resource from a people I do not personally know and he replied a question from an unknown person (hey, that was me) based on his personal and professional experience.

The World is Flat? Indeed, it is becoming more and more flat. Indeed, the power of free peoples is flattening the world. Let’s go flattening the world even more.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

American Inventor (2)

One thing to be noted about the passion for the invention shown in the show: some are plainly emotional passion! No logical thinking to control the passion.

Hey, God has given us our brain to be used, not just plainly as an accessory. To have a passion is great, but to have an uncontrolled passion is your pathway to doom.

American Inventor (1)

American Inventor is one of my favorite reality shows in Star World. The show gives ordinary peoples with extraordinary ideas a chance to present their product, their ideas to a board that will decides, whether it is a marketable and brilliant idea or simply a “failed idea (hey, there is no wrong creativity!). Arguably, you will see a vast range of products and ideas there. Some are very genuine, very breathtaking, out-of-the box ideas. Some even departed from very touching ideas of how the inventors felt “guilty” after they failed to rescue other people in their life. Alas, there are silly ideas too, ideas that surely will trigger thundering laugher all across the jury and audience.

One thing I saw in the program is how the inventors really put their life, their passion in their ideas. It is not uncommon to hear their confession, of how they quit their job, how they invest all of their savings to develop their inventions. Some even have worked on the ideas on more than 10 years!

Oh, what a really aspiring passion. What if we all have that kind of passion for our God? Everlasting and enriching passion it is, a passion that fills us day to day with a thirst for the One.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Digital Book Reading

I’m a bit left behind, I know. I’ve just starting to enjoy the ability to read e-Books on my PDA Phone. Well, it all begins when I started downloading some manuscripts and books I found on the Internet (the unlimited well of knowledge!) a few weeks ago. While not the first time I read a book on my PDA, this is indeed the first time I to read it because I want to read it on the PDA.

The first book I read completely on my PDA happens to be The Da Vinci Code, back in the beginning of this year. Frankly, I read it not because it was solemnly my interest of the book. It was basically, well, because the flood which separates me from the old-fashioned printed books I owned. I happen to own a copy of that book incidentally on the PDA. So, I read it mostly because I have nothing else to readL. It was quite enjoyable as a redemption as not having a book to read.

But now, I’m reading books on the PDA solemnly because I want it! And what an enjoyable experience it is, to have the ability to bring a huge amount of books in a pocket (my PDA stores several books: fictions, non-fictions, biography, business books, IT Audit books, and even comics). Combined with printed books I bring everywhere, now it is a mobile library. No more backache when I have to bring several books to vary my reading during a trip.

Is it a sign that I will have to change my book-buying programs to cover a wider scope of bookstores? Gramedia, Gunung Agung, QB World, Aksara, and Kinokuniya are every-month must-visit stores., I have bought several printed books there. But now, maybe I have to broaden up my experience not just to buy printed books, but the digital ones too. Who knows?