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Human and the Unfinished Matters

We were taught to never give up. We were taught to aim our dreams as high as possible. And strive for it.

Sometimes we dream for something from a long time ago. And yet, maybe it began to materialize just now, after several months (or even years!) of struggling (not merely of waiting). What an enjoyable moments that is, the moment the dream started to materialize.

And then, we’re enjoying the moments of another dream. And we realize that maybe, just maybe, the two dreams will be colliding, each consuming the other. Which one should be sacrificed?

Or perhaps as my colleague said it: impossibles are what we do best. Perhaps we could blend the two dreams to complement each other. Perhaps. It will be a great thing to do, maybe even impossible. How to accomplish it? Yet, the reward will be extravagant.

Maybe we can conclude that the mutualism of the two dreams is yet another dream. Borrowing (and modifying) Goenawan Mohammad’s book title: human and the unfinished matters: our dreams.

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